Friday 26 January 2024

NHS App News

 Waiting list information in the NHS App

From 30 January 2024, the NHS App will show patients in England an estimated waiting time for their hospital treatment at the NHS acute trust they’ve been referred to. 

Digital prescriptions in the NHS App

From 30 January 2024, patients in England can use the NHS App to view all their prescription details, order repeat prescriptions and generate a bar-code that can be shown to a pharmacy for collection without a paper prescription from their GP.

You can use our promotional materials to encourage your patients to use this new NHS App feature, along with the current order a repeat prescription service.

Thursday 28 December 2023

HM Armed Forces Veterans Update

Aspen Medical Practice has made good progress with veterans coding and need to ensure the opportunity is available for all veterans who are registered patients at the Medical Practice.  

Why are veterans treated as a special group?

       Service in the Armed Forces is different from other occupations.

       They Relinquish some of their own civil liberties and put themselves in harm’s way to protect others during operational and peace keeping tours.

       Risk of serious injury (for example loss of limbs, eyes, or other body parts) is substantially increased. 

       Other differences in military lifestyle

       Mobile lifestyle from posting to posting along with lack of stability and roots.

       Living abroad and far from family support

       Separation from loved ones due to unaccompanied tours.

       Broken links with extended family.

       More likely to smoke or have smoked.

       More than half (52%) of veterans have a long-term illness, disability, or infirmity, which is higher than general adult population (35%).

       Rates of PTSD in those who have seen conflict are significantly higher than in the general population and symptoms may not emerge for many years.

       On leaving the forces veterans often miss structure, support and friendship that being in the forces provides.

       Reliance on both formal and informal military structures and systems – could be a major barrier in the transition to civilian life.

       Transition to life outside the military likely to be stressful and in some cases experience marriage break up and homelessness through eviction or financial pressures.

If you are a veteran, ask reception to record you as a Veteran on your clinical record.  This will help identify you if you are admitted into the Acute or Community Services within Gloucestershire.  If you want more details please contact the PPG Chair who is a veteran and one of the leads in the county for Armed Forces Veterans.

Veterans Widows/Widower/Civil Partner Benefits
Widows/widowers or partners whose husband/wife or civil partner served and would have been entitled to a preserved pension, but was under 60 when they passed away, they should apply to Veterans UK as they may be entitled to a gratuity, though it is not a pension.


Tuesday 2 May 2023

Aspen 'WalkTalkWalk'

Would you welcome the chance for a gentle walk and the opportunity to meet and chat with other walkers in the groups? Come and join the Aspen ‘WalkTalkWalk’ Group, run by members of the Aspen Patient Participation Group (PPG) 

Details of walks can be found here  For more information please e-mail Gill and Sandra 

Tuesday 7 March 2023

Carers Information


Please find attached March What's On which is also now live on the website to view visit: What's On March 2023 - Gloucestershire Carers Hub

Carers Week and Active April 2023

We are continuing to plan our activities and events in 2023 which will include Active April and Carers Week in June.  

If you or your organisation would like to be involved in the planning of either of these events, please contact us by emailing  

In Carers Week, we are looking at running pop ups around the county to raise awareness of Carers within communities, the more support we have from organisations the better and we would love for some of you to join us at these pop ups.  

Carers Week Event Booking 

On Thursday, 8th June 2023 we will be running an event at the Pavilion, Cheltenham. We are taking bookings for stands at this event from the voluntary, statutory, and non-profit organisations.  

This is a great opportunity for networking as well as promoting your services directly to the unpaid Carers in Gloucestershire. 

If you would like to attend and have a stand, please email .  

Friday 9 December 2022

NHS App Video Guides

Since the move to the new Electronic Patient Record in Aspen, patients have been experiencing problems with online services.  The practice has updated the information on their Practice IT System Change and Online Access news article.  

Click here to read more information.  

Following the system migration patients are no longer able to log in to online services using the EMIS Patient Access Log in. Logins via the NHS app are unaffected.  These are some short video guides to help you download and set up the NHS App.

Why I use the NHS App | NHS Digital

NHS App - NHS Login without using Photo ID

NHS App - NHS Login Using Photo ID



Register with the NHS app: Quick guide 


Wednesday 9 November 2022

⚠️ IMPORTANT ⚠️ Aspen Medical Practice IT System Change

Aspen medical practice will be changing their clinical system provider from EMIS to TPP SystmOne between 11th-29th November 2022.  Why are we moving? the system will give us more functionality with providing GP clinical services and also integrates with community services who use SystmOne. 

SystmOne will allow for communication with patients, enabling healthcare professionals to send text messages or emails to those who are due to receive vaccinations. Clinicians can also use the Airmid or NHS App, through which notifications can be delivered directly to a patient’s phone.  To download Airmid see the video below

Clinicians can access a patient’s existing record if they are already registered on SystmOne, enabling them to retrieve and record pre-existing data without having to start the process from scratch. For those patients who are not currently registered on SystmOne, users have access to PDS and GP Connect functionality, meaning a patient’s demographics can be retrieved from other systems, further speeding up the registration process. If a patient is already registered on SystmOne, all data from the process is recorded directly into their existing electronic health record, rather than just the basic vaccination details. This ensures their contact with health services in the future is well-informed.

There will be some disruption, however, as we move systems, we will do our upmost to ensure we keep disruption to a minimum.

Please visit for more information. 

Monday 26 September 2022

Aspen "WalkTalkWalk" Group BBC Gloucestershire Making A Difference Awards


Big Congratulations to Gill and Sandra for being highly commended at the BBC Gloucestershire Making A Difference Awards at Cheltenham Race Course on Saturday 24th September 2022.  Gill and Sandra have been instrumental and the driving force behind the Aspen "WalkTalkWalk" group and listening to some of the members who attend, you can certainly see the benefits this group is having on patients.  Many congratulations Gill and Sandra! 

The walks for October through to December are available on this link

Sunday 31 July 2022

Aspen PPG says Farewell to Fred Wood

It was great to see Fred attend the PPG AGM on Friday, which gave us the opportunity to say thank you and farewell.  Fred has been involved with the work streams and led the Armed Forces Veterans group.  Unfortunately due to personal reasons Fred has decided to step down but will continue to support the PPG in the background.  Fred is a big driver of the veterans group and has provided us with his expertise in this area.  Our biggest drive has been the clinical coding of veterans that provide additional benefits to registered veterans at the practice who need specific pathways such as Op Courage or orthopaedic care. Fred is a veteran himself and has experienced veterans support when admitted to hospital, where they noticed his status on his record and asked if he needed any assistance from the hospitals veteran champion.  The PPG has a few veterans on the group and will continue where Fred left off, supporting the veterans work and the practice as a Veterans accredited practice.  We wish Fred all the best and good health in the future.

Monday 18 July 2022

Aspen PPG - Annual General Meeting July 2022

    The AGM will be held normally each year and no later than the end of July. Dates and timings will be confirmed at the previous PPG meeting.
    Notice of the day, time and place will be given via notice boards, website, social media, practice newsletter and by email to PPG members, being given at least 21 days' notice, to allow for nominations and absentee voting for members only.
    Any items for the agenda shall be sent to the secretary for consideration at least four weeks prior to the AGM date.  The AGM agenda will be confirmed by the Chair and vice chair. At the AGM the Chair and Treasurer will give a report before the election of officers
    Any member wishing to stand for any of the officer posts, must receive a nomination and be seconded (by two individual members), and nominations should ideally be sent into the Secretary prior to the AGM, who will confirm the receipt of this and to allow for absent voting. Once all nominations have been received and confirmed at the AGM, including any absentee votes, then the rest of the members vote, and it is the individual who receives most of the votes, who is voted into post. In the event of a tie, then the vote must be re-run. The term of office for each post must be elected annually at each AGM.
    Each member of office can only serve a maximum term of three years. 

Details of the meeting are as follows:

PPG AGM Agenda: Friday 29th July 2022, 17:00 - 18:30hrs

Meeting Details:

PPG Members In person Meeting at Aspen Medical Centre or Join MS Teams Link in the Meeting Request

Patients who wish to dial in, can do so using the details below

Join on your computer or mobile app: Click here to join the meeting

Or join by entering a meeting ID: Meeting ID: 341 781 404 19 | Passcode: Ao7RJq

Or call in (audio only) +44 20 3321 5208,180425920#   United Kingdom, London

Phone Conference ID: 180 425 920#

Saturday 18 June 2022

WalkTalkWalk Shortlisted

Many congratulations to Gill and Sandra who have been shortlisted for a BBC Gloucestershire making a difference award.  

They were nominated for setting up the PPG ‘WalkTalkWalk’ group to enable Aspen patients to take part in gentle walks and tackle isolations and loneliness.  There have been a number of walks set up, which also includes refreshment breaks on route, giving everyone the opportunity to build on the community set up by the group. Everyone who attends the walks go at their own pace, ensuring that the slowest is not left behind and have the opportunity to talk with other likeminded patients in the group

The response and engagement from patients has been amazing. The feedback is very positive, folks saying they really welcome the opportunity to be outside for some gentle exercise and most of all, meeting others.

The winners will be announced in September at the Cheltenham Racecourse.  Well done both, you totally deserve this recognition.

NHS App News

  Waiting list information in the NHS App From 30 January 2024, the NHS App will show patients in England an estimated waiting time for th...